PSC Milli Mic Lav Mic


The PSC Milli Mic is an ultra-small omnidirectional lavalier microphone designed to provide exceptional sound quality while remaining unobtrusive. The Milli Mic features a very high output and low inherit noise while eliminating RF and electrostatic interference with its excellent shielding. The frequency and sensitivity response reproduces audio with extreme accuracy and detail. The Milli Mic is more than suitable for interviews, broadcasts, presentations and more.

The power supply features a standard XLR connection.

The omnidirectional polar pattern provides an even and accurate frequency response at the perimeter and direct sections of the capsule.

The MilliMic lavaliers are deigned for low visibility on stage, on camera or during presentations.

The MilliMic features excellent shielding for great resistance against RF interference and electrostatic noise.