Panasonic BT-LH80WP LCD HD Monitor AC/DC power w/ scope


The BT-LH80W 16:9 HD/SD LCD monitor is a versatile solution for studio and field monitoring. The compact 7.9″ multi-format LCD monitor features advanced video processing technology and delivers high-resolution (800 x 450 pixel) playback and production-quality performance with advanced focus assists for critical focusing in HD. This compact, low-power unit can double as an electronic viewfinder for use with HD camcorders.
Key Features
Focus Assistance includes a Focus-in-Red function (the outlines turn red when sharp focus is achieved) and a Pixel-to-Pixel 2.4X function (to help sharpen focus)
800 x 480 pixel WVGA resolution panel (effective 800 x 450)
Simple Cross Hatch overlay function allows users to check camera tilt and composition
Waveform Monitoring, Blue Only and Marker
Displays 4:3 aspect ratio images
Tally (Front: Red/Green, Back Tally: Red)
Power Supply: Anton Bauer Gold Mount, 4-in XLR, or special 4-pin cable from camera
Video Input:
Video: BNC x 1
SDI: BNC x 1