Microframe 6 Digit Speaker Timer


This is a Series 6200 6-digit version which displays hours/minutes/seconds. The display features 5.5” tall red LED characters visible up to 125 feet.  One cable from the timer supplies both power and signal to the display.
The Keypad’s LCD display shows both “A” and “B” timers simultaneously and allows the user to select which timer will appear on the remote display. Changes entered on timer “A” do not affect the contents and/or mode of timer “B.” Either timer can count up or down and start or stop independently. Timer “A” can start timer “B” or show the time of day. The Keypad features a time-of-day clock button to display a clock when not using the timer function. The Timer Keypad’s LCD screen provides optimum control by the operator by viewing the timer as it is being displayed on the LCD display that may be wired to the front of the room, another location or near the speaker.