Panasonic HPX-170 P2 Camcorder

w/2 32 gig cards & P2 Store


This P2HD camera builds on the tradition and success of the AG-HVX200.
“less” certainly means more; removal of the deck translates into a variety
of extra features, including a 75mm lens with improved wide-angle
capability, vector scope, waveform monitor, HD-SDI output, a 6-Pin
locking FireWire port, and 3 focus-assist modes.

The AG-HPX170 uses P2 Flash Memory Recording Storage. Since P2 cards
use no drive mechanisms, they provide superior resistance to impact, vibration and temperature changes. There is currently a choice between 16GB and 32GB P2 cards. A 32GB card will record 32 minutes of the highest quality HDTV video, 88 minutes of 720p/24 frame video or over 2 hours of standard definition DVCPRO25/MiniDV video.

The AG-HPX170 inherits many of the functions of the popular VariCam which enhanced the production of movies and television programs. It has variable frame rate features that respond to fast and slow action. Its true 24p/30p progressive video, cine-like gamma curves, and cine-like color matrix capture images and scenes with much the same look and feel as footage from a film camera. All controls and system interfaces are designed to meet professional needs.